We offer exceptional service with complimentary hugs.

infrastructure building & maintenance

We love building infrastructure in AWS/GCE clouds or on-premises hardware.

DevOps and CI/CD

We build DevOps culture and CI/CD around development process.

software development

Full-stack Software Development.

24/7 Support

Your infrastructure and applications are safe.


Take a closer look into our amazing team.

Oleksandr Tsurenko

Chief Executive Officer

Huge experience working with high-load Infrastructure building and support. Sucessfully built DevOps culture and CI/CD in 10+ companies

Valerii Litvinov

Head of Support and Operations

Enormous experience in operational support of sophisticated installations. Key fuctions: 24/7 support, duty shifts management, IT-monitoring and support.

Oleksii Goncharenko

Head of Backend

Vast experience in building complicated multi-services applications. Key technologies: RESTful APIs, Java, Scala, golang, micro-services.

Ihor Kovalenko

Head of Frontend

Immense experience in building reach web applications. Key technologies: ReactJS, redux, VueJS, Angular.

Andrii Chumak

Head of Infrastructure

Colossal experience in building multi-tenant and solid infrastructures and CI/CD pipelines. Key technologies: AWS, GCE, Kubernetes, docker, Jenkins, Terraform.

Max Ovcharenko

Head of QA

Monumental experience in application testing and quality assurance. Key technologies: Selenium, Cucumber, xRay, Gherkin.

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