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My Car. Your Trip.

Rent a car in Munich and Berlin – simple, affordable and fully insured.

Start date
Sun 14/05
Pick-up time
12:00 PM
End date
Wed 17/05
Return time
12:00 PM

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Our highlights in Berlin!

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Croove - The best way to rent a car

Be part of a new community where members rent out their cars–on their own terms–to people who need them for few days.

Insured through our partner
  • A community you can trust

    We verify owners and travellers alike to create a safe and secure community you can trust.

  • Yes, you’re covered

    You’re protected with comprehensive insurance through our partner Allianz. That’s as safe as it gets.

  • The rental car that picks you up

    Enjoy our optional valet service for convenient curbside delivery.

  • A win-win situation

    No more cars collecting dust. Always a car when you need it. And our customer support will help you every step of the way.

It’s super easy

  • Find the perfect car

    Family van or convertible? Browse the listings on Croove and find a car that’s right for you.

  • Send a request

    Book a car with just a few clicks. The owner receives your request and confirms your trip.

  • Pick up the keys and off you go

    Meet the owner for our app-assisted handover, grab the keys, and off you go!

  • Find a car
  • List your car

    Specify the price and rental conditions of your car. Then manage all requests conveniently with our mobile app.

  • Meet your renter

    Meet your guests for our app-assisted handover, give them your keys, and send them off on their trip – fully insured.

  • Earn money

    After the rental, check your bank account for that extra income you just earned.

  • List your car

Let your car work for you

Turn your idle asset into extra income with a few, simple steps: Just sign up with Croove, list your car, and earn money while meeting nice people in your neighborhood.